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  1. Retrieving configuration updates on a device over MQTT

  2. Retrieving configuration updates on a device over HTTP

  3. Updating and reverting a device's configuration

  4. Reviewing device configuration via the API

  5. Creating a device registry

  6. Creating a device with RSA credentials

  7. Creating a device with elliptic curve (EC) credentials

  8. Patching a device with RSA credentials

  9. Listing the devices in a registry

  10. Retrieving a device and its metadata from a device registry

  11. Retrieving the device state from a device registry

  12. Deleting a device from a registry

  13. Deleting a registry

  14. Creating or editing a gateway

  15. Binding a device to or unbinding a device from a gateway

  16. Listing all devices bound to the gateway

  17. Listing all gateways in a registry

  18. Deleting a device bound to a gateway

  19. Sending a command to a device

  20. Subscribing the gateway to the MQTT /devices/{gateway_ID}/errors topic using QoS level 0

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