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ClearBlade’s Edge Compute Platform can be upgraded via a secure and robust mechanism for over-the-air upgrades. The upgrade process is initiated from the ClearBlade Platform and is carried out without requiring physical or shell access. All the necessary files are transferred over the autosync connection between the Platform and edges when the process initiates. The Systemd service manager is supported. You can find the over-the-air tutorials here.


Future-proof your solution’s security in post-deployment. Security improvements and patches can be pushed out to edges deployed to the field.


Future ClearBlade Edge Compute release features can be made available to edges post-deployment.


  • ClearBlade Edge with a connection to the ClearBlade Platform

  • OS support: Linux and MacOS

  • Init system: systemd or a stand-alone process

  • Systemd config restart option set to always

Auto upgrade

The auto upgrade allows for automatic version edge upgrading to the latest system versions. This gives the edge the latest features and capabilities when connected to the Platform. The option is enabled by default but can be disabled on the Admin panel. New binary locations are displayed when the auto upgrade is executed. Sources can be downloaded from Platform or GitHub files.

The upgrade status and failed upgrade errors will appear on the Edges page.

There is also a flyout of current processes on the Edges page. The timeline and status appear here for each edge upgrade attempt.

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