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Publishing over HTTP

This page explains how devices can use the HTTP bridge to communicate with ClearBlade IoT Core. For HTTP and MQTT information, see Protocols.

Complete these steps before using the HTTP bridge:

  • Set up one or more device registries, including a Cloud Pub/Sub topic for telemetry events

  • Create devices

Publishing telemetry events

Please use these instructions to publish telemetry events.

Configuring devices

You can use ClearBlade IoT Core to configure devices. A device configuration consists of binary data that can update firmware, reboot a device, turn on a feature, or change other properties.

To configure a device using the HTTP bridge, define the configuration in ClearBlade IoT Core, then request the configuration via the device.

Updating device configuration

When using the HTTP bridge, the device must explicitly request device configurations with the API. ClearBlade IoT Core does not push configurations to devices over the HTTP bridge. Instead, devices must poll for new configurations.

To get the device configuration available from ClearBlade IoT Core, use a getConfig request.

Setting device state

Use a setState request to report the device state to ClearBlade IoT Core. State data must be base64-encoded.

View the device details in the Cloud console or use the API to retrieve device state data.

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