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Logging overview

You can use Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging with ClearBlade IoT Core.


Cloud Monitoring automatically provides metrics at the registry level. You can use Cloud Monitoring to create dashboards, such as for a registry’s total number of active devices. You can set up alerts for when a particular metric exceeds a threshold, such as when the billable byte amount sent to and from a registry’s devices exceeds your set limit. Cloud Logging also provides the ability to use logs-based metrics from Cloud Monitoring. You can configure user-defined metrics to gain insights, such as the number of devices that published data to a particular Pub/Sub topic.

For information on using monitoring with ClearBlade IoT Core, see Monitoring resources.


ClearBlade IoT Core produces audit and device logs available for viewing in Cloud Logging.

Audit logs

Audit logs can help you answer: who did what, where, and when?

ClearBlade IoT Core writes and provides, by default, audit logs for the following admin activity operations:

  • CreateDeviceRegistry

  • DeleteDeviceRegistry

  • UpdateDeviceRegistry

  • CreateDevice

  • DeleteDevice

  • UpdateDevice

  • ModifyCloudToDeviceConfig

  • SetIamPolicy

ClearBlade IoT Core writes and doesn't provide, by default, data access audit logs:

  • GetDeviceRegistry

  • ListDeviceRegistries

  • GetDevice

  • ListDevices

  • GetIamPolicy

For more information on using audit logs with ClearBlade IoT Core, see Viewing cloud audit logs.

Device logs

Device logs contain device connections, errors, and lifecycle event information. Whereas audit logs provide registry-level operation information, device logs can be used to pinpoint individual device issues.

Device logs are not automatically collected and must be enabled manually. They are subject to their quotas and limits separate from and not counted toward Cloud Logging quotas. However, they are subject to Cloud Logging pricing.

For information on using device logs with ClearBlade IoT Core, see Viewing device logs.

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