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Migration from Google IoT Core

ClearBlade IoT Core provides a seamless migration for existing Google IoT Core registries. The Migration tutorial offers a step-by-step walk-through.

ClearBlade IoT Core’s 1-for-1 capabilities

  • Certificate-based device authentication

    • A device migrated from Google IoT Core will authenticate using the same JWT token passed on the MQTT connect password field

    • Ability to load a roots.pem file for device authentication

  • A full MQTT message broker

    • Publishes event and state information for devices to report

    • Subscriptions for command and config data to be sent to the devices

  • A full implementation of the device registry for maintaining config and state history, logging for Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring, and the gateway to allow many devices to send and receive information from a single MQTT connection

Migration activities

ClearBlade provides migration from Google IoT Core to ClearBlade IoT Core. Find migration project plan templates here for pilot and production moves.

1. Automated migration tooling is available in ClearBlade IoT Core for free.

2. Devices must update their URIs (no additional firmware updates are required). With ClearBlade, multiple URIs can create URIs based on customer domains.

3. Server-side calls to IoT Core APIs must be pointed to ClearBlade IoT Core. ClearBlade APIs are implemented with similar parameters for requests and matching responses to limit required change.

4. Testing and validations according to your best practices and needs.

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