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Gets a registry’s credentials to be used for admin APIs.

To obtain this endpoint’s required URL, systemKey, and token, do the following:

  1. Click the Select project drop-down at the top of the IoT Core UI.

  2. Click the Edit icon (pencil) next to the desired project.

  3. Go to the SERVICE ACCOUNTS tab.

  4. If a service account already exists, select it and choose DOWNLOAD CREDENTIALS. If a service account does not exist, create it and select DOWNLOAD CREDENTIALS.

  5. A JSON file will be downloaded to your local machine. Open the file with an editor. Use the systemKey, token, and URL from the file as needed below.

HTTP request

POST {URL}/api/v/1/code/{SystemKey}/getRegistryCredentials

Header parameters



See the note at the start of this document on where to find the token.

Request body

JSON representation

  "project": "<project_id>",
  "region": "<us-central1 | europe-west1 | asia-east1>",
  "registry": "<registry_id>"

Response status codes





Response body

JSON representation

  "systemKey": "system_key...",
  "serviceAccountToken": "token...",
  "url": "url..."

Example curl

curl -X POST '' -H 'ClearBlade-UserToken: {token}' -d '{"project": "{project}", "region": "{region}", "registry": "{registry}"}'

Using the instructions at the start of this document, replace the following: with your URL. aae9b9b30c8aa4e49081c7eeb9bb07 with your systemKey. {token} with your token.

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