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create: projects.locations.registries.devices

Creates a device in a device registry.

Note: This is a regional API.

You can find the URL, SystemKey, and token required in the call by clicking API Keys (key icon) at the top-right of the Registry Details page. Use the Registry Keys section.

HTTP request

POST {URL}/api/v/4/webhook/execute/{SystemKey}/cloudiot_devices

Query parameters


Header parameters



See the note at the start of this document on where to find the token.

Request body

The request body contains a device instance.

Response status codes





Response body

If successful, the response body contains a newly created device instance.

Example curl

curl '' -X POST -H 'ClearBlade-UserToken: {Token}' -d '{"id": "test-device-1", "credentials": [], "config": {}, "metadata": {}, "logLevel": "LOG_LEVEL_UNSPECIFIED"}'

Using the instructions at the start of this document, replace the following: with your URL. aae9b9b30c8aa4e49081c7eeb9bb07 with your SystemKey. {Token} with your token.

The item id is required in the body. If other items are not provided, they will have default values in the created device. Set the values of id and other items appropriately.

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