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NimbeLink device setup

A user who wants a NimbeLink device to send data to ClearBlade’s Intelligent Assets system needs to perform the below setup.

NimbeLink setup

  • Order the NimbeLink device and email to send the device’s credentials. The credentials should include a <credentials>.json, username, password and api_key.

ClearBlade pull subscription setup

Associated assets

  • Code services:

    • accessTokenManager: Queries the subscription collection to grab the config information for every subscription, makes an HTTP request to Google API for an accessToken every 30 minutes and updates the shared cache with that token, which is used by the pullSubscription service.

    • pullSubscription: Polls all the subscription topics (each subscription collection row) every minute, and if there’s a publish, it parses and can forward it to a ClearBlade topic.

  • Code libraries:

    • GoogleIoTConfig: Holds some constants for the services.

    • Base64: Supporting library for the above services.

    • CryptoLib: Supporting library for the above services.

  • Collection:

    • subscriptions: Holds each subscription’s credentials. Each row in the collections counts as a unique subscription.

  • Users can then use the <credentials>.json to fill up the subscription collection in the asset-monitoring system manually. Here’s how to add an entry to the collection:

    • id: unique_id_string can be chosen by the user.

    • item_id: Auto-generated

    • details: Optional subscription information

    • type: Only subscriptions of type googlepubsub are processed by the accessTokenManager service

    • config: This is what an example config looks like:

    "config": {
        "PROJECT_ID": "clearblade-testing", 
        "SERVICE_EMAIL": "",
        "SUBSCRIPTION_TOPIC": "projects/clearblade-testing/topics/mqtt-testing",
        "SUBSCRIPTION_NAME": "projects/clearblade-testing/subscriptions/mqtt-subscription-testing", // note the subscription name is prefixed with `projects/<PROJECT_NAME>/subscriptions/<NAME>`
        "TOKEN_EXPIRY_PERIOD_IN_SECS": 3600, // need not be changed
        "MAX_MESSAGES_TO_PULL": 10,
        "FORWARD_TO_CB_TOPIC": true,
        "CB_FORWARD_TOPIC": "_monitor/asset/nimbelink/data",
        "AUTH_SCOPE": "", // need not be changed
        "ALGORITHM": "RS256" // need not be changed
    "type": "googlepubsub",
    "id": "sub-1",
    "details":"NimbeLink device at Lake Tahoe"

Changing NimbeLink device configs setup

  • Use the NimbeLink username, password, and api_key and replace them with the default ones in the system_info collection. api_access -> nimbelink.

  • After performing the above changes, you can use the nimbelink_config portal to update the NimbeLink devices’ config.

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