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Advanced reports

See for information on how to create a report. When 'Advanced' is selected, the following page will display, including a place to enter a code service name:


A sample code service that could be used in an advanced report is provided below.

function sample(req,resp){

   var reportObj = {
       columns: [{
           columnType: "text",
           field: "YOUR_FIELD",
           title: "YOUR FIELD"
       }, {
           columnType: "text",
           field: "YOUR_OTHER_FIELD",
           title: "YOUR OTHER FIELD"
       data: []

   function getAllAssets() {
       var assetsCollection = ClearBladeAsync.Collection('assets');
       var query = ClearBladeAsync.Query();
       query.equalTo('type', 'YOUR_ASSET_TYPE');
       return assetsCollection.fetch(query).then(function (results) {
           return results.DATA;

   getAllAssets().then(function(allAssetDetails) {
       for (var x = 0; x < allAssetDetails.length; x++) {
           var row = {};
           //fields ex: id, label, custom_data, location
           row.YOUR_FIELD =allAssetDetails[x].YOUR_FIELD
           row.YOUR_OTHER_FIELD = allAssetDetail[x].YOUR_OTHER_FIELD
   }).catch(function (reason) {
       console.error('failed: ', reason);

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