A deployment is a configuration for one or more edges, instructing the edge which assets should be deployed and/or synchronized between platform and edge.


When configuring Edges, it is often required to provide the Edge access to a subset of code services, data collections, and other assets. Establishing a minimum subset of assets to deploy and/or sync to Edge ensures optimum performance and network utilization.


Each asset can be configured with an action


Deploy - An asset is deployed from platform to edge when edge starts up.

Sync - An asset is deployed, and then any future change on Edge or Platform will be synced with both platform and Edge.


Each asset can be configured for all assets of a type, such as ‘All Collections’, or a subset of a assets, for example, “only the collection:CollectionA”

  • Code
  • Collections
  • Adapters
  • Portals
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Devices
  • Edges
  • Messages


Most common is configuration is to deploy code services, and sync collections:

Asset Action
Code Deploy
Collections Sync