Adding Devices

Intelligent Assets can work with any device and any protocol.

To add your device:

  1. Create an MQTT connection to the Intelligent Asset instance. The system key is available in the user settings.

  2. Publish a message on this topic: _monitor/asset/default/data. The payload is in JSON format and the object will need to be stringified.

Here is an example object:

  "id": "macbook-edge", // required
  "type": "edge",
  "group_id": "default",
  "last_updated": "2021-03-29T18:38:41.084Z", 
  "custom_data": {
    "cpuUsedPercent": 22.479070348272792,
    "usedMemoryPercent": 58.306264877319336,
    "usedDiskSpacePercent": 33.42453071146938,
  } // nested objects not allowed, only primitive js types: string, number, boolean, timestamp string also allowed

If you have a device you would like to connect that is not currently listed in our store please contact us.