Edge Tutorial


  1. On your ClearBlade Platform, Click on the + Add Edge button which is highlighted below.

  2. Give a name to your edge with a suitable description

  3. Finally, click on the Create button to create the edge.

  4. The edge should appear in the list.

  5. You can view the settings for an edge, by clicking on the gear icon button to the right of a particular Edge.

  6. You can view these important settings for your Edge.

Install and Start

  1. Click on the Set up instructions icon button for the Edge that was created in the previous step

  2. Select the operating system the Edge will be installed on from the Target dropdown in the set up dialog If the target operating system you wish to install the edge on is not listed, we recommend you install VirtualBox (or any other virtualizer) and create a virtual machine with one of the target operating systems listed in the dropdown.

  3. Once the operating system has been selected, a install command will be displayed for you to copy and paste in a terminal. Open a terminal prompt on the target operating system and run the command. You will have the option whether to just want to run the edge or run the edge with the console

  4. In the ‘Start’ section, enter the IP address of the machine the Edge was installed on into the Edge IP field (see parameters). This will also be use to access the edge console.

  5. Copy and paste the startup command (also use the Console command if you ran the console)

Your edge should now be connected and you should have access to its console