Over the Air

ClearBlade’s Edge Compute Platform can be upgraded via a secure and robust mechanism for over-the-air upgrades. The upgrade process is initiated from a ClearBlade Platform. The upgrade is carried out without requiring physical or any shell access. The process is initiated and all requires files are transferred over AutoSync connection between Platform and Edges. System.d service manager is supported. You can find the over-the-air tutorials here.


Future-proof security of your solution post-deployment. Security improvements and patches can be pushed out to Edges deployed to the field.


Features in future releases of ClearBlade Edge Compute can be made available to Edges post-deployment.


  • ClearBlade Edge with a connection to the ClearBlade Platform
  • OS support: Linux and MacOS
  • Init System: systemd, or as standalone process
  • Systemd config restart option set to always