System Tutorial


You can add a system by clicking ‘+Add system’ on the main homepage or ‘+ Add’ on the side navigation bar.

There are 4 options to create a system:

  • Empty: Create a new blank system.

  • Template: Choose a pre-made package from the list available.

  • Advanced: Import your system from your GitHub repository.

  • File: Import your system from your computer.

Your new system should now be available on the systems homepage as well as in the dropdown list under ‘Systems’ in the side navigation bar.


To edit the properties and security of a system, click on the gear icon by the system’s name. A system may also be deleted in the ‘Properties’ tab of the modal.


Click ‘Export System’ to export your system.

For Download Zip:

  1. Fill out the information in the ‘About’ tab

  2. Choose what you want to be exported from the system in the ‘Advanced’ tab

  3. Click ‘Export’

  4. Click to download and save as a zip file

  5. Click ‘Close’ in the export modal when you are done

  6. Unzip file and open the .json files for each exported asset to make edits

	"description": "",
	"last_seen_architecture": "amd64",
	"last_seen_os": "darwin",
	"last_seen_version": 5.3.0
	"location": null,
	"mac_address": null,
	"name": "sample_edge_file",
	"policy_name": null,
	"resolver_finc": null,
	"sync_edge_tables": null,
	"token": "6cB9t0165XAy7s56FJnE7o"


For GitHub:

  1. Log on to GitHub

  2. Authorize access

  3. Proceed to fill out the ‘About’ and ‘Advanced’ modal

  4. Click ‘Export’

You will see a success message and options to publish or browse IoT packages on IPM.