ClearBlade IoT Enterprise Documentation

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What is IoT?

IoT is the Internet of Things, representing a technological shift towards decentralized networks of machines, sensors, and controllers. Coupled with industry expertise and Artificial Intelligence, these IoT systems can optimize operations in real-time and generate new business revenue streams for existing products.

What is ClearBlade?

ClearBlade™ is the enterprise Internet of Things platform to rapidly engineer and run real-time, scalable Industrial IoT applications. Learn how to create and deploy your IoT solutions on the ClearBlade platform. Ingesting information from any device, processing data at the edge or in the cloud, rendering powerful visualization and updating your back office applications in realtime. You can also learn how to build Enterprise IoT applications that are secure by default, perform blazingly fast, scale across millions of devices and meet the needs of your business.

What is IPM?

IPM is an IoT package manager for sharing solutions on the ClearBlade platform. ClearBlade provides user the ability to share the solutions on IPM, which can be used by the community.
An IPM package contains one or more reusable assets within the IPM Community.

To browse other IPM packages, click here.

Enterprise IoT Training


Integrate ClearBlade Cloud and Edge Platform with new or existing systems with these community-driven SDKs:

PlatformSDK Python JavaScript Go C NodeJS


What data visualization features are available?
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