IoT Package Manager (ipm) is a package management registry and tool for scaling up the development of IoT solutions.

ipm contains packages which points to GitHub repositories, which must contain:

1) package.json in root of the repository, see spec here for this document

2) The assets inside this repo must be within cblib spec here

Note: ipm package.json spec is a superset of npm’s package.json. As a result, any existing npm repo can be registered with ipm.

Example Package: jstat-statistics-toolkit


##This example repo contains


  • /package.json (required)

cblib spec system

  • system.json (required)
  • code/services (optional)
  • code/libraries (optional)
  • data/ (optional)
  • devices/ (optional)
  • edges/ (optional)
  • portals/ (optional)
  • roles/ (optional)
  • users/ (optional)
  • deploy.json (optional)