Rule Builder

In the edit widget window

Type Description Example
Allow Create Allows users to define new rules within the widget
Allow Delete Allows users to delete rules
Allow Edit Allows users to modify rules by clicking on the rule and going to settings from there. The ‘Save’ button should appear
Allow On/Off Allows users to enable/disable rules within the widget
Name Rule builer label
HTML Id Used to target widget element in the DOM Adds an id to the page like this : <div id="myCustomHtmlId">some text </div>and then write css like this: #myCustomHtmlId { color: red }
Allow Fullscreen Gives the option to make widget fullscreen

Note: Make sure to save to add new rule

Add New Rule window

Note: The user needs code, roles, and trigger permissions before using this widget

Go to widget window and click Add New Rule

Type Setting


The final rule will appear in the ‘code’ tab in the console