Radial Gauge


Type Description
Static Can type a plain text number to measure in gauge
Calculated A javaScript function not bound to any datasources
Dynamic A javaScript function that will be updated as the corresponding datasource gets updated
Min Value The minimum number for the gauge range
Max Value The maximum number for the gauge range

The rest of the tabs are for editing the gauge appearance


Type Description Example
Progress Color Changes the color of the progress bar
Background Color The color of the gauge
Label Title for the gauge


Key Description Example
Unique Style Overrides the overall style settings to change a specific setting.It is automatically checked when you change a style
HTML Id Used to target widget element in the DOM Adds an id to the page like this : <div id="myCustomHtmlId">some text </div>and then write css like this: #myCustomHtmlId { color: red }
Allow Fullscreen Gives the option to make widget fullscreen