Grouping List

Creating a new grouping list

Change the type to “Grouping List”
Change type

List Source (Dynamic Only ) : Renders incoming data
Selected Item (Dynamic Only ): Datasources in portal to be affected by action

Choose your datasources. Note: the datasources in the example below were created previously and not default. Modify Target

The rest of the tabs are for editing the list itself


Key Description Example
Title Gives list a name
Display Attribute Type of property displayed for items in list
Status Attribute A property with a boolean value to create active/inactive icons
Default List Item Default items selected. Value determined by Tracking Column Name property
Allow Search Displays search bar to search a specific item


Items can be grouped by their properties


Key Description Example
Title Changes color of the title
List Item Font Changes the color of the item name
List Item Background Changes the background color of the item
Active Item Font Changes the color of the active item’s name
Active Item Background Changes the color of the background of the active item

Other Tools

Key Description Example
Unique Style Overrides the overall style settings to change a specific setting.It is automatically checked when you change a style
HTML Id Used to target widget element in the DOM Adds an id to the page like this : <div id="myCustomHtmlId">some text </div>and then write css like this: #myCustomHtmlId { color: red }
Allow Fullscreen Gives the option to make widget fullscreen