CRUD Grid allows the end user to Create, Read, Update, and Delete elements in a Collection or given dataset.


Data Description
Choose type of incoming data to render. Expected format:
Use fetch data from a datasource
Affects the ability to add items in the datasource
Affects the ability to delete items in the datasource
Affects the ability to edit items in the datasource


Key Description Example
Allow Create Users can add rows
Allow Delete Users can delete rows
Allow Update Users can edit rows. The changes that are made here are also made in the original datasource
Allow Filter Users can filter table
Allow Data Export Users can export table
Allow Column Sorting Users can sort columns
Rows Per Page Users can edit the amount of rows per page


Key Description Example
HTML Id Used to target widget element in the DOM Adds an id to the page like this : <div id="myCustomHtmlId">some text </div>and then write css like this: #myCustomHtmlId { color: red }
Allow Fullscreen Gives the option to make widget fullscreen