Getting Started

This guide will demonstrate how to create and access a V2 portal.

Creating A Portal

  1. Log-in to the ClearBlade Platform and select the system that you wish to link a portal.

  2. Navigate to the “Portals” button on the sidebar or menu of the developers console

  3. Create a new portal by clicking + New

  4. Enter the description for your portal
    Create a new portal

Assign portal to a role

Click the next to your new portal and select Edit Roles in order to give permission for our users to access and edit the portal.

This step assumes we have users in our system, if not, please add users in Auth -> Users.
Giving the authenticated role access to read will allow these users to sign in and operate a portal. By giving administrator roles CRUD access, they will be able to modify the portal that will reflect in the public view.
Give role's access to portal

Access portal

Now that we have access to open a portal, click the portal’s link and sign in with an administrator’s credentials.
Click portal link
Login to portal

Welcome to your portal!

Delete portal

  1. Click the next to your new portal and select Settings
  2. Click Delete Portal Delete portal
    Confirm the deletion when prompted