Customizable form with input type options for updating selected columns for an item in an incoming list source


Name Type Group Required Description Default
Form Source DATA_SETTING_TYPE Data true
Update Item DATA_SETTING_TYPE Data false
Title text Data false
Display Attribute for Row text Data false Optional subtitle displaying the value of the data property below “name”
Editable Columns multiDataKeyCheck Columns false Select editable properties to display in the form. Then select the an input type from choices provided based on the column’s data type. {}
All read-only boolean Columns false
Compact Mode boolean Style false Converts each form to inline style
Title color Style false
Background color Style false
List Item Font color Style false
Slider color Style false
Toggle Switch Color color Style false
Update Button color Style false
Unique Style boolean false Set to true if you don’t want the theme to affect this widgets style
HTML Id text false Used to target widget element in the DOM
Allow Fullscreen boolean false