Scatter Plot


Use this graph to plot variables along two axes to show correlation


Name Type Group Required Description Default
Chart Data DATA_SETTING_TYPE Data false {“dataType”:“CALCULATED_DATA_TYPE”,“value”:“return [{\“temperature\”:61,\“humidity\”:50,\“wind\”:14,\“rainfall\”:5,\“timestamp\”:\“2016-06-22T02:26:14.368Z\“},{\“temperature\”:52,\“humidity\”:60,\“wind\”:8,\“rainfall\”:6,\“timestamp\”:\“2016-06-23T02:27:41.112Z\“},{\“temperature\”:73,\“humidity\”:70,\“wind\”:4,\“rainfall\”:0,\“timestamp\”:\“2016-06-24T02:27:51.132Z\“}];”}
Show Line boolean Dots false
Color color Dots false ”#6E93A8”
Y Axes MULTI_OBJECT_SETTING_TYPE Y Axes false [{“orientation”:“left”,“dataKey”:“temperature”}]
Data Key dataKey X Axis true Property from data object whose value(s) corresponds to X axis ranges “timestamp”
Label text X Axis false Label for X axis
Orientation option X Axis false “bottom”
Time Format text X Axis false Formatting docs:
Left Padding number X Axis false
Right Padding number X Axis false
Unit type option X Axis false The type of unit used to arrange data on the X axis “category”
HTML Id text false Used to target widget element in the DOM
Allow Fullscreen boolean false