Bar Chart


Use this widget to display graphical data as a bar graph


Name Type Group Required Description Default
Chart Data DATA_SETTING_TYPE Data true {“dataType”:“CALCULATED_DATA_TYPE”,“value”:“return [{\“temperature\”:61,\“humidity\”:50,\“wind\”:14,\“rainfall\”:5,\“timestamp\”:\“2016-06-22T02:26:14.368Z\“},{\“temperature\”:52,\“humidity\”:60,\“wind\”:8,\“rainfall\”:6,\“timestamp\”:\“2016-06-23T02:27:41.112Z\“},{\“temperature\”:73,\“humidity\”:70,\“wind\”:4,\“rainfall\”:0,\“timestamp\”:\“2016-06-24T02:27:51.132Z\“}];”}
Bars per group MULTI_OBJECT_SETTING_TYPE Bars false [{“dataKey”:“humidity”},{“dataKey”:“temperature”},{“dataKey”:“rainfall”}]
Bar Colors MULTI_OBJECT_SETTING_TYPE Colors false []
Y Axes MULTI_OBJECT_SETTING_TYPE Y Axes false [{“orientation”:“left”,“dataKey”:“temperature”}]
Data Key dataKey X Axis true Property from data object whose value(s) corresponds to X axis ranges “timestamp”
Label text X Axis false Label for X axis
Orientation option X Axis false “bottom”
Time Format text X Axis false Formatting docs:
Left Padding number X Axis false
Right Padding number X Axis false
Unit type option X Axis false The type of unit used to arrange data on the X axis “category”
Reference Lines MULTI_OBJECT_SETTING_TYPE Ref Lines false []
Margin Top number Chart false
Margin Right number Chart false
Margin Bottom number Chart false
Margin Left number Chart false
Brush boolean Brush false
Stroke color Brush false
Data Key dataKey Brush false
Height number Brush false 40
Show/Hide Grid boolean Grid false true
Horizontal Grid boolean Grid false true
Vertical Grid boolean Grid false true
Show/Hide boolean Legend false true
Font Color color Legend false
Layout option Legend false “horizontal”
Horizontal Align option Legend false “center”
Vertical Align option Legend false “bottom”
Icon type option Legend false
Tooltip boolean false Displays data box onHover true
Unique Style boolean false Set to true if you don’t want the theme to affect this widgets style
HTML Id text false Used to target widget element in the DOM
Allow Fullscreen boolean false