A responsive and resizable UI component that acts as a container for widgets

Create a pane

  1. Click the plus button in the left-hand toolbar Add pane

Edit pane

  1. Click the wrench icon of the pane you wish to edit Edit pane
  2. Edit fields inside modal Edit pane modal

    Pane fields

    Optional title for the pane
    Hide Header
    Removes Header
    Hide Borders
    Removes Borders
    Tabbed Pane
    Whether or not the pane will contain tabs
    The type of theme for the pane (Primary or Secondary)
    Pane ID
    A unique ID for the pane. Useful when switching tabs programmatically.

Resize pane

  1. Click the resize handle on the bottom right corner or the pane and drag to desired shape Resize pane

Delete pane

  1. Click the trashcan button on the pane you wish to delete Delete pane
  2. Confirm deletion when prompted