Analytics: Event List


Source to pull a list of events for specified modules.


  • Name (String)
    • Local reference in portal
  • Module (String)
    • user | collection | messaging | service | push
  • ID (String)
    • The relevant module id
    • If push, leave blank
  • Action (String)
    • Specified action to return count
    • create|password reset|update|dev alter|dev password reset|dev delete|dev read|dev update|read|delete|dev create|execute|dev save|publish|recieve|ios|android|connection|login|logout|disconnect|sent
  • Limit (Int)
    • Number of results to return
  • Time Interval (Int)
    • Loop duration in seconds before reloading source
  • Range Start
    • Beginning of time window to query for
  • Range End
    • End of time window to query for
  • Refresh Interval
    • How often, in seconds, to query the platform


This datasource requires that the user role has permission to access the relevant module.