Thunderboard Integration Firmware


  • Provide Sample Sensor Integration Environment
  • Use Real Hardware
  • Leverage Bluetooth (LE in this example)
  • Tasks
    • Setup Programming Environment for Simplicity Studio
    • Program the ThunderBoard Sense with the ThunderBoard Sense project
    • Alter Thunderboard firmware for Constant Advertisement

ThunderBoard Sense

  • Manufactured by Silicon Labs, a ClearBlade HW partner
  • Thunderboard Sense is a small and feature packed development platform for battery operated IoT applications.
  • Cost Effective for end to end ClearBlade Demonstration
  • The multi-protocol radio has broad selection of on-board sensors
  • Use Clearblade platform to develop and prototype a wide range of IoT applications.

Install Simplicity Studio

Load ThunderBoard Sense Project

  • Plug in Device
    • Drill to ThunderBoard Sense
    • Screen will update with projects
  • Under Software Examples
    • Select “SOC – ThunderBoard Sense”
    • Select Yes to the Create Example Project Dialog


Project View

  • Default Project View
    • GATT profile is services available
    • Click Generate to Generate the profile
  • Use Window/Perspective to switch to the C/C++ view
  • Select Project/Clean from menu (clean all projects)

    • Assure no errors in console


Altering Default Advertisement Time

  • By Default the ThunderBoard Advertises for ~30 seconds
    • Green Flashing LED on Board
  • Going to enable promiscuous advertising
    • Allows for continuous scanning/connections
    • Simplifies Testing/Validation
    • Typically would work with HW vendor to adapt to security model
  • Open radio_ble.c
    • Comment out lines in UTIL_shutdown section


Deploying to ThunderBoard

  • Deploy to board
    • Drill to Binaries
    • Right-Click .axf file
    • Run As Silicon Labs ARM Program
  • Will deploy new firmware to device
    • Should not stop advertising (green light flashing indefinitely)
    • Note: LED will turn off/to red when connected


Next Steps..

  • Didn’t do any ClearBlade(yet)
  • Setup the ThunderBoard to run constant BLE Advertising
  • Simplifies Connectivity vs Reset Switch
  • To do..
    • Define Required Data Points
    • Build Adapter
    • Adapter Deployment
    • Provisioning Steps/Process definition
    • Triggers for Capturing/Recording Data