cb-cli test - Execute a code service, update code service from your local file system, and send MQTT message


cb-cli test
	[-topic = <TOPIC>] 
	[-payload = <PAYLOAD>]


The test command allows you execute your code services from your local machine, along with update the code itself, and send MQTT Messages


You can combine these options on a single command line just like with diff and pull

Options ##

  • service = < service_name >
    Executes the selected service. If your local version has newer changes than the cloud platform, we recommend using -push flag to push new changes.

  • params = < params > The payload is the parameters for the code service request. This must be valid JSON.

  • topic = < topic > Sends an MQTT Message with the provided topic. The payload contains the MQTT message payload

  • payload = < payload > Payload for the respective service or MQTT message. If -service flag is used, then . If -topic is used, then the payload is the MQTT payload.

  • push -push flag pushes the local version of the respective code service prior to executing


cb-cli test -service=MyService