Clearblade CLI tool

The clearblade CLI tool provides easy to use commands for interacting with ClearBlade platform

  • You can easily
    • export
    • pull
    • push
    • import
    • diff
  • Services can be written in editor of your choice after exporting
  • Push command allows to reflect these changes on the platform
  • Creating a mirror image of your system is easily achieved with the use of import command

File Structure

Before we start making changes and pushing to platform, we need to export the system

The directory structure after export will look as:

| |_libraries
| |_services
| | |_TestPull
| | | |_TestPull.js
| | | |_TestPull.json
| |_Administrator.json
| |_Anonymous.json
| |_Authenticated.json
| |_schema.json


After exporting the system, .cbmeta is created in the exported folder as shown above. This file contains devEmail, platformURL, assetRefreshDates and an auth token for developer access to the system