In addition to supporting local development on services and systems the CLI also provides critical capability to integrate your current DevOps processes with the ClearBlade platform.

The below describes a typical agile development team working within the ClearBlade Platform

  • Multiple Developers working with their own Systems
  • A ClearBlade platform System for a shared Development instance
  • A ClearBlade platform System for Test and QA
  • A ClearBlade platform System for Production

To support this environment ClearBlade expects a mature use of a source control environment where developers are able to work in shared isolation. - git, svn, cvs and others are supported with the same pattern

Task: Developer works in local branch

During this period the developer will use their own ClearBlade platform System and use the standard local development process.

When ready to move forward with a feature the developer will commit their work to a source control development branch with-in the source control environment.

Task: Promotion of feature branch to Development

With the development source control branch updated current devops build system can take control. This involves the following steps

  1. A build system checks out the latest version of the development branch

    $ git pull origin development

  2. The build system ensures they are init’d into the correct development system

    $ cb-cli init

  3. The build system promotes any code that is now in the stream

    $ cb-cli push

At this point the development system is now running the latest code running as captured in source control


This process can be leveraged by Dev-Ops tools to continue the promotion and roll back of any environment