Messaging at Edge


  1. You have created a developer account with ClearBlade (
  2. You have logged in with the developer account and created a System on the ClearBlade platform.
  3. You have created User accounts on the ClearBlade platform.

Message at Edge

  1. Clone this repository in a terminal: git clone

  2. Open the index.html file in the repository.

  3. Publish a message

  1. Go to your System on the ClearBlade platform.

  2. Login to your Edge, by clicking on the Edge and enter the correct credentials.

  3. You will see an Edge platform similar to following.

  1. Go to Messaging to tab by clicking on the Message button.

  1. Click on the Test Topic tab

  2. Click on the Subscribe button, this will subscribe you to mytopic on the Edge.

  1. Open the index.html file from the repository

  2. Input your message in the Message to Publish: text box and click on the Publish button.

  1. You will see a message getting published on your Edge under the topic mytopic.

Using the ClearBlade Message Relay

Information on how to use the ClearBlade Message Relay can be found here.