Create an Edge


  1. You have created a developer account with ClearBlade (
  2. You have logged in with the developer account and created a System on the ClearBlade platform.
  3. You have created User accounts on the ClearBlade platform.

Create an Edge

Edges allow for executing your IoT solution on distributed compute like an IoT Gateway devices including Raspberry Pis. To create a new edge navigate to your system home page, and then choose Edges from the menu. On the edge page click Add Edge, provide a name and description, then click create. A newly created Edge now appears in the edge list. When you are ready to put your IoT solution onto this edge, that task is accomplished with a Deployment on the Deployment page.


Many default attributes are stored about a running edge after it connects including connection state / first started date/ IP addresses / ports / cpu / memory and syncing policies. Edges in a system can have custom attributes applied to them to assist with organization and searching. To add a custom attributes navigate to the Edge home page and click the Edge Columns button. In the dialog add a new attribute and the type of attribute and then click add column. When complete click the done button. Update the value of the edges new custom attribute by clicking directly in the grid cell and typing a new value.

Install & Start

Edges run on linux, macos, or in docker containers and support processor architectures for 32 and 64 bit ARM, x86 and MIPS processors. To setup an edge click the settings icon on the edge list and choose the setup instructions option. In the opened dialog begin by selecting a target platform. Five commands are necessary to download and start the edge platform. Open your terminal window navigate to a directory of choice. Copy the download command and run it in the terminal window. Copy the unzip command and run it in the terminal window. Copy the install command and run it in the terminal window. Copy the permissions command and run it in the terminal window. Notice for batch install situations ClearBlade provides a shell install script. To start the installed edge, scroll to the bottom of the dialog window and copy the start command. Run this command in your terminal window. Close your dialog, refresh your edges and notice the connected state. Click again on the settings icon choose edit/view details and then expand the hide read-only columns. Notice the connectivity information now available. Close your dialog