App Connecting to an Edge


  1. You have created a developer account with ClearBlade (
  2. You have logged in with the developer account and created a System on the ClearBlade Platform.
  3. You have created User accounts on the ClearBlade Platform.

Connect a Web application to an Edge

  1. Your edge will run at a default port of 9000. If your SDK is running on the same box, then your URI will be “http://localhost:9000"
  2. Connecting a web application to an Edge is similar to using our JavaScript SDK. You need to just change the initOptions according to your Edge Settings.
  3. Refer to the JavaScript SDK
var cb = new ClearBlade();

Var initOptions = {
URI : ‘’,
messagingURI : ‘’,
messagingPort: 8904,
useMQTT: true,
cleanSession: true,
systemKey: ‘f887dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx01’,
systemSecret: ‘F887DCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx01’
Email: ‘’
password: ‘password’

var initOptions = {
messagingURI : <IP_ADDRESS_OF_EDGE>,  
useMQTT: true,
cleanSession: true,
systemKey: <EDGE_SYSTEM_KEY>, 
systemSecret: <EDGE_SYSTEM_SECRET> ,