ClearBlade EDGE allows for easily connecting local wireless networks of many different protocols into a larger IoT solution. The EDGE is capable of authenticating devices, executing APIs, communicating with all types of devices and then synchronizing that information back into the cloud or server based ClearBlade Platform.

Core Function

  • Strong edge security - Encryption, authentication and authorization of API access including tokens and certificates. Sync and state management - Both user and device states are synced with IoT systems as devices go on and offline.
  • Offline Continuity – Devices continue real time behaviors and 100% up time, even when connection to the Internet is lost.
  • Strong integration capabilities – Connectivity via MQTT, REST and sockets along with prebuilt patterns for BLE, Zigbee, MQTT-sn and more.
  • Data filtering and streaming - Store, modify, analyze, manage and route data at the edge.
  • Business rules and events - Implement business rules, trigger and react to events, and analyze results via business logic locally.
  • Messaging – Scalable, secure brokering of messages between devices and users at the edge.
  • Deployment flexibility – ClearBlade EDGE can be deployed onto any gateway device.


  • The Edge allows for running your IoT solution on gateway devices and keeping assets in sync.

  • The Edge supports offline/disconnected states for ensuring local IoT environments maintain functionality.

  • The Edge provides multiple configurations for maintaining security of devices and data moving to the cloud.

  • The Edge provides cloud based authoring of IoT Solutions

  • The Edge provides real time OTA updates of IoT Solution software / configuration / data.

  • The Edge provides real time syncing of device states to the ClearBlade cloud.