Collections come in two flavors. There is the standard collection, which is backed by a Postgresql instance that comes with the ClearBlade platform. These collections are able to be completely manipulated by the platform in terms of their schema, and the data put into them.

The second flavor of collection is the “Connect” collection. The Connect Collection allows the platform developer to integrate already existing data sets with their platform application.

Since this data already exists, the platform disallows altering of the schema (adding or deleting columns, etc) via the platform (though you are totally free to update it via normal means, the platform will adapt). However, the platform is able to perform all CRUD operations on the databases exposed. As far as security is concerned, they will be treated as any other collection. Please see the Integrations section for more specific information.

Adding new data source

From the developer landing page or the system navbar, select the “Data” button

Landing Page

Connecting to existing data source

Select the Connection radio button at the top of the “Add Collection or Connection” modal.

Enter the following information that corresponds to your existing database settings (Ask your database administrator if you aren’t sure):

Connection Name (string)

Database (select option from dropdown menu). Currently, supported database types are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 System i, Microsoft SQL Server

Database Name (string)

IP Address (string)

Port (integer)

Username (string)

Password (string)

Table Name (string)

After verifying the above information, click Submit

Creating a new cloud collection

Select the Cloud radio button at the top of the “Add Collection or Connection” modal.

Enter a name that will be used to refer to the cloud collection, and click Submit