Creating Custom Libaries


Libraries are code that you wish to share between Code Services. A library should be structured like a service, in the sense that it is a function one calls. Most likely something that returns an object with methods. When a library is added to a service, nothing from that library is instantiated. You can treat it like regular JavaScript.

Add new library

Click “+ Add Code” from the to open the “Create New Service or Library” modal.

New Code Service

Switch to the “Library” button . Give the library a one word name or the system to refer to and a description and click Create. New Library

Library Code Page

Just like code services, you can write your own code. The difference is you can turn it in to a library to be able to use in code services.

New Library You can also add other libraries to your library. Note: Do not add the current library to itself.

Library Appearance

Your new code library will appear at the top in bold in your code service library list.

New Library

Each library is “required” from a service itself. Some libraries are not listed by default and need to be added. Libraries that are added later in the list will override earlier ones if they have conflicts.