Adapter File Management


Adapters will typically consist of 1 or more files. The files comprising an adapter will consist of executable code and supporting libraries as well as shell scripts used to administer adapters. While the developers console provides the ability to add multiple files to an adapter, a best practice would be to include all files within a single archive/zip file and add a single zip file to the adapter.

Add New Adapter Files

  1. Navigate to the “Adapters” tab on the sidebar or menu of the developers console
  2. Click on the adapter you want to add the file to

  3. Click on “Setup adapter configuration” under Configuration
  4. Click Files tab on each command

5. Click Upload

*6. Select one or more files to add and click Open

7. Click Update Adapter

Additional files can also be added at the bottom

This is what the Adapter page looks like after files are added:

Delete Adapter Files

Click the Trash Can icon to the right of the file you want to delete

Heads Up!

There is no confirmation dialog displayed when a file is deleted.

When the file is deleted, the switch will automatically set to Command. Any text in Command will remain. Make sure to click Update Adapter to save changes.

Update Adapter Files

Click on Replace to replace the file with a new file or Download to download, edit, and replace with your updated file.
Click Update Adapter