Managing System Users

Creating Users

Creating users for your system is a simple process. First, select the “Users” tab for your system. You should see the following:

Auth Screen

Click on “+ Add User”.

In the dialog that appears, enter a valid email address , a password, and roles (“Add more roles”). Note: The “Authenticated” role is automically added. Click on “Create”.

You should see a new row in the users table that looks something like this:

New User

Edit Users

Make sure to add roles to users to make edits to users by click on the gear by Users and then go to “Edit Roles”

To edit the user, go to the gear on the right of the user you want to edit.

View/Edit User

In “View/Edit User”, you will be able to change the user’s password (click “Change password”) and see details like the user_id.

View/Edit User

Edit shows that “myUser” is assigned the “Authenticated” role. To unassign that role, click on the “x”. To assign more roles, select one from the popdown menu choose from any of the existing roles and click on “Add Role”. You may do this repeatedly. When you are finished, click on the “Update Roles” button.

Note that you cannot create roles from this dialog. You can only assign and/or unassign existing roles.

Delete Users

WARNING: Data will be permanently deleted. Click the checkmark icon to the left of the row that is to be deleted. Select “- Delete Row” above the table display and click Confirm.

To delete all users, mark the box in the heading cell

Other tools

Symbol Description
Filter users using certain values
Export user data as JSON
Update users page