Console Overview


The console is the developer’s web interface into the ClearBlade platform. From the console, you can create and configure systems, users, code services, data collections, triggers, and timers. You can also perform various operations related to analytics, and inspect MQTT messaging history.


The ClearBlade Platform allows for developers to create IoT solutions in a secure multi-tenant environment.

You must register for a new developer account to create your IoT solutions:

  1. Navigate to the base platform url and fill out the registration form.
    Note:For private instances you may be asked to provide a registration key which you must get from your platform administrator.
  2. Provide your email, password name, and organization email then click submit.
  3. You will be redirected to the platform home page of your new account.


Systems represent a unique secure IoT solution running on the ClearBlade Platform. The system page provides details about the different kinds of assets in the system.


To create a new system:

Navigate to the platform home page and click the new system button. In the dialog you can: - choose a template from the IoT Package Community found at
- import a new system directly from github or from your local file system. - create a new blank system

Creating a blank system

  1. Select the ‘Empty’ tab
  2. Provide a Name and description
  3. Click ‘Create’
    You will now be navigated to the system page.


To add example code into the system from the IoT package manager community:

  1. Click the help icon from the menu bar.
  2. Search an IPM or asset that completes of your choice.
  3. Click on the details of the IPM Package and then select Import.
    The associated services collections and other assets are now imported into the existing system.


Each system has a unique set of properties necessary for API, SDKs, and adapters to securely connect.

Click the settings icon next to the system’s name to view the system settings.

Properties Tab

Key Description Can be edited?
System Name Unique label of system Yes
Description Extra information about the system Yes
User Session Token Amount of time a user’s token is valid No, but can be copied
System Key/System Secret Required for every authentication request No, but can be copied
Change Secret Key Connected clients will be disconnected from the system No

Access Tab

If it is desired to share this system with other ClearBlade Developers they may be granted access here. The override fields allow customization in the authentication and registration processes.