Send a Test Message

The ClearBlade platform has an MQTT conforming, secure, highly performance message broker built-in available for IoT Devices and Users to communicate. The broker may be leveraged via Portals, adapters, APIs and SDKs. The message activity may be monitored, inspected and interacted with via the Developer Console. To see the IoT systems message behavior select your system and then choose the messages menu option. On the messages pages we see that our web socket is successfully connect with the green check. Lets begin by sending a test message by clicking on the “Send Test Message” Button. MQTT uses topics for routing data. Provide a test topic for this message. In the message section provide a sample payload as JSON or raw to represent other types of transmission. To send your message - Click the Send button.


The Developer Console allows for view messages historically. Navigate to the message page and view the Recent Topics area to see data that is newly arrived. The shows the topic along with a preview of the most recent message. On the left hand side click on the topic link to get more information. On the topic page review the messages history in the bottom table include the sending user id, the timestamp on the message along with its payload. The history can be filtered by time to inspect events from days or months in the past or number of messages requested in the result page. Filter the results to only include messages from yesterday at 12:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM and see the result

Live Feed

In the top right we have a live subscription to the message topic see any real time arriving data. When a device sends a message it will be visible in this window. In the bottom message history section click View Message on the most recent message. The message now opens for us inspect. If we were developing we can alter the message and click the resend button to send this payload over this topic once more. Notice that the message now been sent and appears in our live feed. View the message once more and click the Delete Message button to remove this message from the history of your IoT solution


As your IoT solution grows in production it can become challenging to find specific information across hundreds of topics. From the Messages page we can review specific topics. Below the Fetch Topic Title begin typing your topic of interest. Select the topic that matches and see its most recent information. Click on the topic from the Fetch section to see more specific information.