Devices are machines that have access to data and API’s while communicating with your IoT Solution. They have unique ids, and keys for gaining role based access over http or mqtt protocols or SDKs. Devices can be created via APIs, Portals or via the developer console while also have a unique device profile associated with your Solution.


  1. Navigate to the devices page
  2. Click the Add Device button.
  3. Provide a name and type in the default fields, accept authorization method and provide an active key which is analogous to a password. Note: Expand the more fields and populate your newly added attributes.
  4. Assign a role
  5. Click create

Edit Columns

To create attributes:

  1. Navigate to your system and select devices from the menu.
  2. Click Edit Columns button
  3. Create a Column Name and select type
  4. Click Add Column
  5. Click Done when finished


To filter attributes:

  1. Click the filter icon
  2. Set an attribute to filter on and then enter the appropriate values.
  3. Click Filter.


To disable a device: 1. Go to the device page
2. Find the enabled column and uncheck it.

To delete the device:

  1. Check the far left column
  2. Click the -Row button