With the ClearBlade platform developers can make their client applications behave in real-time using Messaging. Using ClearBlade Messaging apps are able to publish and subscribe to events and data within the system using a simple topic.

Although ClearBlade uses an open standard for all message based communication, the platform uniquely provides both scalability and security Learn more at ClearBlade MQTT Reference

Messaging simplifies and optimizes

  • live group chat
  • online gaming

Messaging is critical to solutions for

  • IoT device interactions
  • Extremely fast communications

ClearBlade Overview

What makes the ClearBlade Messaging so powerful is its ability to integrate with the other elements of a System. Messages can be sent by code services, Messages can trigger events to execute, Messages can synchronize data around a single source of truth. Finally the Messaging architecture is completely integrated with the security model already in place, meaning that Auth tokens used over HTTP and the associated role based priveledges are also valid and used in Messaging.

Open Standards

ClearBlade leverages the MQTT protocol for its messaging and makes it available both in its raw form or through web-sockets (for browser based apps). The protocol is extremely light-weight, simple to use, and sits on-top of the widely available TCP network layer. It uses a publish/subscribe model rather than the less efficient request/response model. This means a message may be published to a topic and received instantly by many subscribers. Finally, the ClearBlade platform implements the full specification of MQTT to allow for multiple Quality of Service settings that best fit a developers use case. If you wish to read the specification, check it out at MQTT Oasis specification