Message Relay

The ClearBlade Message Relay is a way for edge MQTT clients to communicate with the Novi MQTT clients as well as other Edge MQTT clients. In order to achieve this there are a few reserved MQTT topic paths that one needs to follow for the message relay to work. The message relay uses the following 6 topic paths to route messages between edges and their parent platform.


Message relay applies to communication between edges and platform within one single system

Message Type Topic Path
Edge to Platform <TOPIC_NAME>/_platform
Platform to Edge <TOPIC_NAME>/_edge/<NAME_OF_EDGE>
Edge to Edge <TOPIC_NAME>/_edge/<NAME_OF_EDGE>
Platform to All Broadcast <TOPIC_NAME>/_broadcast
Edge to All Broadcast message <TOPIC_NAME>/_broadcast
Edge to Edge and Platform <TOPIC_NAME>/_edgeAndPlatform/<NAME_OF_EDGE>

These topic paths are for sending messages. To receive messages subscribe to the same topics, except for Edge to Edge Platform (which you need to subscribe to the same topics for both platform and edge).