The ClearBlade platform runs off of a postgres instance internally that stores configuration, and administration information and default collection information. If you have external Postgresql instances you wish to integrate with the ClearBlade platform, you can do so like any other Connection Collection.

Field Name Description
Database Name The name of the database to connect to as on the server
IP address The IP address of the server. Be sure to use the IP relative to the platform’s install location. So if it is a subnet, use the subnet address
Port The port for connecting
Username The database user
Password The database user’s password
Table Name The table you wish to correspond to the collection

Setting up Postgres for a local ClearBlade instance:


Installing Postgres

  • Verify that you have Brew installed: brew -v
  • If needed, install brew: /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Next, update brew to the latest build: brew update
  • Finally, install postgres: brew install postgresql94
  • If an installation error is recieved, try: brew install homebrew/versions/postgresql94

Configure Postgres

  • First, start postgres: brew services start postgresql94
  • Next open the postgres console: psql -d
  • Add roles and create seed databases: CREATE ROLE cbuser LOGIN PASSWORD '<YOUR-LOGIN-PASSWORD>'; CREATE DATABASE admin; CREATE DATABASE userdata;
  • Close the console: /q