DB2 System I

DB2 System I integration is a fairly simple process for the platform developer. In order to connect to a DB2 database, first create a new collection and fill in the “Connection” radio button. We will then require a few pieces of information:

Field Name Description
Database Name The name of the database to connect to as on the server
IP address The IP address of the server. Be sure to use the IP relative to the platform’s install location. So if it is a subnet, use the subnet address
Port The port for connecting
Username The database user
Password The database user’s password
Table Name The table you wish to correspond to the collection
Schema If there is a schema, supply it’s name here
Library The same for the library
Catelog The same for the catelog

Please note that as with all connect collections, you will be able to perform CRUD operations on the table, adding or removing columns, or changing datatypes, or dropping the table itself is disallowed by design.