Prior to upgrading ClearBlade always recommends doing a complete backup for restoration purposes. The following backup processes are available depending on restoration needs

  1. Use standard linux imaging / snapshot tools - Will ensure to protect both the machine configuration, ClearBlade configuration, and System information
  2. Execute PostgresSQL database dump - Will ensure to protect ClearBlade configuration and System information
  3. Use the ClearBlade CLI to export systems individually - Will ensure to protect System information

The upgrade process will execute the following changes

  • Potentially - Modify the database schema
  • Potentially - Modify the configuration of nGinx
  • Upgrade all platform based binaries and developer console html5 located on the local machine
  • Restart the platform

The upgrade process will not

  • Remove the existing data
  • Modify any clustering configuration that has been done
  • Modify any port or networking configurations

To run the upgrade complete the following commands from the linux command line

  1. tar xvf platform.tar.gz - This will unpack the installation files
  2. cd deploy/installScripts
  3. sudo ./update.sh - This will perform the update tasks