Managing which assets in a system are running on which Edge instances can be a cumbersome challenge as your IoT Solution scales.

The ClearBlade Platform simplifies this challenge by allowing for defining groups of assets as Deployments. Assets available for inclusion in a deployment are

Collections - a full copy of the collection

Items - a single item in a collection

Services - the complete set of javascript lopic

Libraries - the complete set of javascript statements

Triggers - the trigger definitions

Timers - the timer definitions and state

Users - the full user table

User - a single user

Devices - the full device table

Device - a single device

Portals - the replication of the portal. - note to host portals at the edge your edge release will need to include the portal server.

Adapters - Adapters and their process setup

Each asset has several options available for how it is deployed.

Deploy - The deploy process will move the initial schema and value to the edge. Changes to the asset from the platform or the edge will not by synchronized.

Sync - With the asset deployed, including the synch option will automatically keep the asset synchronized in same state on both the platform and the edge