IoT solutions are comprised of many devices and sensors. In many cases, the devices and sensors will not be able to directly connect to the ClearBlade Platform via HTTP or MQTT due to their power consumption or connectivity limitations. In these cases, the IoT solution will need to utilize an Adapter.

An Adapter is a custom software component, deployed on IoT Gateway devices executing the ClearBlade Edge, whose purpose is to serve as a proxy between the ClearBlade platform and IoT devices that cannot directly communicate with the ClearBlade Platform. Adapters can be written in any language. ClearBlade provides a number of language specific SDKs that can be utilized when constructing adapters. In the event that a SDK does not exist for a particular language, the REST API can be utilized to communicate with the ClearBlade platform from an adapter.

The ClearBlade Platform developers console provides facilities to assist with

  1. Defining new adapters to the ClearBlade Platform

  2. Managing the files utilized with each adapter

  3. Managing the commands utilized by the ClearBlade Platform to administer the adapters

  1. Viewing the status of the adapter and administering the adapter on ClearBlade Edge

  2. Navigating to each adapter