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File management

Deployment files can be stored in inbox, outbox, and sandbox buckets. The inbox is where files arrive after they’ve been synced. The outbox is where you place files to be synced. The sandbox is a play area for creating and manipulating files.

Buckets can be enabled for each deployment on their deployment page under the File Management tab. Files can be stored in Google Buckets or locally. The platform storage cannot be local if a user uses a cluster. If you are using Google Buckets, you must type in the bucket name and input your Google credentials. You can import your credential file directly. Input your local root directory location when using Edge file storage.

You can view your Google credentials in JSON formatting if you click View.

You can store files in Google Buckets on the Admin Management page if you are an admin user.

The Files page allows you to view the file’s tree and data.

There is a deployment list in the platform. When you click a deployment, you can see its file viewer. If you are on an edge, it will take you directly to the file viewer that contains all the files for all of that edge’s deployments.

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