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Audit Trail

Audit Trail records and displays a system’s changes when a problem arises. The Audit Trail table can be found in Info for system users and under Admin Management for admin users.

The REST API endpoints can be found here.

The user can view the following in the Audit Trail table:

  • A timestamp of when the change was made

  • Which asset class was affected (such as collections)

  • The affected asset’s name

  • What action type was used (create,update,delete), and what was created/deleted (Create Columns)

  • The changes made in JSON object form


  "changes": {
    "collections": [
        "itemInfo": {
          "id": "a8eeb8db7f186d89348",
          "name": "Employees"
        "permissions": 15
  "id": "Anonymous"

  • The user’s email making the changes

  • The user’s type making the changes (DEV/USER)

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